Ronaldo – Herbalife Greatest Asset

Intercontinental nutrition company, Herbalife, and international soccer prodigy Cristiano Ronaldo, revealed today the introduction of Herbalife’s elite sports drink: “CR7 Drive”.

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Herbalife Unveils New Sports Drink with Global Soccer Star Cristiano Ronaldo.

A mutual and long standing alliance exists between the two sides, with the unique energy sports drink being just the newest example of what they plan to accomplish together.

Herbalife has been dedicated to the athlete both on and off the field as part of its multi-year agreement with Ronaldo, and CR7 Drive was developed to boost his performance and manage his individual nutritional needs.

Everyone who follows the Real Madrid star is conscious of how much importance he puts on his nourishment and physical conditioning, which has made him one of the greatest stars in the history of the game. Ronaldo is very conscious of how specially picked nutrients can help bolster an competitor’s ability.

The Chairman explained that the new solution was at first conceptualized with Ronaldo’s needs in mind, but the scientific and medical teams at the company (as well as many professional athletes) agreed that the needs of any sportsman are very similar, irrespective of if they are professionals or just enthusiasts.

Both sides are very pleased with their common efforts together, with Ronaldo stating that he appreciates how seriously Herbalife takes nutrition, and Herbalife indicating their amazement at the dedication and professionalism of the soccer player.

Ronaldo expressed his pleasure at working with the focused scientists and nutrition analysts at Herbalife, and was thrilled at the whole strategy of developing the new product – CR7 Drive. “It is a great delight to be in a situation to assist people in sports everywhere, and to bring these awesome nutrition solutions to them.”

The motivation for the new product was to improve the traditional sports drink by making it supply more energy and energy during physical exertion, and to do so without the inclusion of any artificial ingredients.

Light tasting and refreshing, it helps athletes refuel and rehydrate prior to and throughout exercise.

The secret of the new supplement is the distinctive combination of carbs and electrolytes that replenish the ones that are usually lost during intense exercise.

It is a fantastic supplement for a wide selection of sports, such as soccer, MMA, boxing, running… any exercise that makes you move and your heart beat faster.

The complete assortment of H24 solutions has been frequently tested for banned chemicals, and is certified for use by both aficionados and competitive athletes.

A professional team of experts and doctors work each day with the soccer ace to help him get the perfect nutrition day after day, and many of the best nutritionists in the world supply him with constant ideas and recommendations on how he can develop his abilities with proper supplementation. Out of this partnership, the unique supplement, CR7 Drive, was made.

About Herbalife:

Herbalife is a corporation that for three decades has made it easier for individuals in more than 90 nations live happier and longer lives by supplying them with amazing services and products that help with nutrition and weight management.

Their nutrition, weight loss, energy and training and individual care products are available exclusively to and through devoted Independent Herbalife Members in more than 90 nations.

One of the main objectives of Herbalife is to eliminate the global issue of excessive weight and poor eating habits, by providing consumers and users direct assistance from its members, as well as involving them in a group that will support them to lead more healthy and active lifestyles.

The business is also devoted to helping young children in need with the many charities it has formed in some of the planet’s most impoverished regions.

The business also sponsors more than 190 world-class professional athletes, teams and events around the globe, including Cristiano Ronaldo, the LA Galaxy and stars in many other sports.

Almost 8000 people are regularly currently employed by Herbalife, and its stock is sold on the NYSE, with a turnover of USD 5 billion in 2014.

If you wish to get more information about this company, check out this site.

About Cristiano Ronaldo:

Only a couple of select athletes transcend their sport to become conventional superstars.

He is one of the best among these very few

Ever since he was just a young boy playing for Sporting Lisbon, to today when he is known as one of the best players ever to grace a soccer field, he has earned dozens of accolades that most other can only think about.

Ronaldo today is playing like there is no finish to his achievements in sight.

His incredible speed, power and aggressive sense for scoring have made him the ideal modern football player.

However, this worldwide success has come at the cost of much hardship.

When he was a little more than a kid, he left his parent’s household in Portugal and moved to the big town to fulfill his dream of playing professional football.

Soon, it was clear that Ronaldo was an upcoming superstar, and his incredible speed and ball control ability was holding fans and managers in awe.

He was soon spotted by legendary club Manchester United, and joined them at the start of the new millennium.

Under the excellent manager’s tutelage, Ronaldo honed his natural ability to become a world-beater.

In six seasons at Old Trafford, he scored over 110goals, and collected a spectacular nine domestic and international trophies.

With his participation, Man Utd became the top team of that period.

Yet greater things were still to come.

He was soon made the captain of his native Portugal team that played very well in international tournaments.

He was also the planet’s then most expensive footballer after a move from Manchester to Real Madrid.

As the talisman of a Galácticos side regularly stuffed with the sport’s best talents, Cristiano has reached the pinnacle of the game.

He is the only player to be named World Player of the year on 3 individual instances, is the greatest scorer in the history of the Champions league, the top scorer in the history of Real Madrid and has won numerous titles in all the contests he has played.

The only individual in soccer to have won the honor for most goals in Europe on 4 instances is our very own Herbalife competitor – Ronaldo!